Women in Banking Day 2017

Date: 12 Oct 2017
Women in Banking Day 2017

Ladies, are you ready to take the plunge?
Join the Women in Banking day!

Develop innovative applications for customers, the ‘Mobielste bank van Nederland’ campaign, a progressive collective labour agreement, a mobile app with voice recognition functions, real social engagement and development opportunities for our employees. These are examples of where we as ING are proud of. The Women in Banking Day on Thursday 12 October will let you explore the world of banking and show you what opportunities ING has to offer you. Think beyond borders. Jump on!

Why participate in this event?
  • Meet & Greet with trainees: get to know our female trainees and discover how they experience ING.
  • Get introduced into our traineeship: the International Talent Programme.
  • Fields of interest: See with your own eyes that working at a bank is different than you might think.
  • Creative personality workshop: Showing your authenticity is important within the ING culture. Discover aspects of showing your personality in a new way.
A traineeship at ING: allow your talent to flourish

Within the International Talent Programme (ITP) you have the opportunity to develop your leadership capacities and prepare yourself for senior management positions. During this four-year traineeship you will work in different departments, so you will get to know ING in various ways. Besides you will participate in intensive trainings and you will experience this traineeship as a challenging time. All these aspects create a setting where in you can show all your talent and in which you can have a direct impact on the financial future of our clients. Do you also have an innovative view on banking?

Want to learn more about the ING traineeship? Read about the experiences of our female trainees:

How can you apply?

You can apply here. Upload your CV and motivation letter latest Sunday 1 October. Make sure you apply in time! Based on your application you will be invited for our Women in Banking Day.