About us


The A&F Investments committee is an investment team for students of Tilburg University interested in investing. A&F Investments was founded in 2010 and is continually seeking to improve itself. Together with the committee, you will invest in real stock exchanges. By being part of the team, you will get experience in investing and you are challenged to think about corporate values.

A&F Investments

A&F Investments is an investment team, initiated and facilitated by study association Asset | Accounting & Finance. Only students enrolled at Tilburg University and who are member of the association can become active member of the committee. When you become a team member one should invest at least 100 Euros and at most 500 Euros in the fund. The purpose of A&F Investments is to provide its members to gain experience in the field of active management. In this way, students expand their knowledge of investing and get acquainted with portfolio management in a practical manner. Every quarter, members will get an overview of the return of the portfolio and of their own invested capital. Also, each quarter members can leave or join the committee. The team consists of 25 to 30 members.


The A&F Investments committee meets every two weeks on Wednesday evening at Tilburg University. During the meetings, members propose investment ideas individually or in groups, by means of a pitch. Currently teams focus on specific industries to gain a deeper knowledge of averages and developments. After the proposals, an open and central discussion will take place and the effect of these ideas on the portfolio will be discussed. Finally, the investment team will vote for each investment proposal to determine which transactions will be executed the next day. Only committee members who have a share in the portfolio have the right to vote on investment proposals for the portfolio held by the committee.

Are you interested in becoming a member of our team? Let us know by sending an email to info@asset-accountingfinance.nl with your contact details.