About Mars
At Mars, we deeply believe that everything we do can mean more. That’s why our objective is to make a difference to people and the planet through performance. We do that in line with our values that have been with us for decades; by putting our Principles in action. The five principles which guide us are: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom.

And because we are a family owned company that is about more than just profit, we look for Associates that seek to make the opportunities they get here mean more. More to themselves and their own career, and along the way, more to the people and the communities they interact with.

We’re based in more than 53 countries, operate out of more than 413 locations and do business on every continent. In total our brands are worth more than 11 Billion dollars and our net sales is over 33 Billion dollars. The business ranges from chocolate to petcare, drinks, confectionery, to symbioscience.

Working at Mars
Mars people are known as Associates for a reason. It’s because we expect each and every one of them to run the business as their own. Whether you are in the factory making sure our machines run well, a graduate learning how to be a leader of tomorrow or a senior manager in any of our functions, the expectation is the same. You’ll have freedom you’ve not experienced before. A lot of freedom. And with that freedom comes responsibility.

So at the same time, we expect our associates to grab everything that’s within their reach and use it to develop themselves. You see, control over how your future unfolds here is firmly in your hands. We provide a structure for development in the broadest sense, one that can be used to drive your career across countries and business segments.
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The Mars Culture
No walls. No borders. No limits to what’s possible. Our culture is based on open, honest communication. We got rid of private office spaces to create accessible environments way back in 1943. And it was one of the best things we ever did. So today no-one, and we really mean no-one, not even a single CEO, has a separate office.

Open space, open communication, approachable people talking the same language and working together in entrepreneurial ways, because they treat the business as their own. And even though we’re a very decentralized business, one that encourages decisions to be taken locally, once you’ve seen one Mars building you’ve seen them all.

Start your own story!
We’re no strangers to success. But it’s not only our billion-dollar brands that enjoy it. Because we provide world-class training to people with potential. And one look at the alumni of graduate programmes will tell you just how far that can take you. CEOs and MDs who aren’t just keeping our success story moving forward, they’re leading businesses in every sector.

Our flat, open structure is a big plus for graduates when it comes to grabbing the opportunity to shape our business. It makes for a truly creative and dynamic environment. But it takes more than just freedom and responsibility to create Mars leaders.

Traineeships. At Mars Netherlands we have five different traineeships within the functional areas:
- Engineering
- Finance
- Research & Development
- Sales & Marketing
- Supply

The programs consist of three 12-month placements working in a real job with high-value responsibilities. Depending on which functional area, you could be working at any of our sites and in any of our categories (Chocolate, Petcare, Food, Drinks or Gum & Confections). And you’ll spend one year working at one of our European Sites. So you’ll get enormous business exposure and have invaluable opportunities to develop your skills, experience management style. Throughout the program you’ll have support from your Manager and a Mentor – a senior leader. We will support you with tailored development plans and structured training programs, such as the development booster program which provides you with a personal coach and two full weeks of training a year!

Who are we looking for?
In order to be successful as a trainee, you will need to deliver visible results and to be continuously looking for development opportunities for yourself and the organization. You will be expected to demonstrate excellent social skills and great flexibility, as well as the ambition to seize stimulating opportunities to develop your career. You must be willing to travel and live abroad, and your oral and written command of English must be excellent. We do not expect relevant work experience from you, but the traineeships do require a Master’s Degree.

We are looking for critical and ambitious graduates, who take into account the impact on people and business. Do you have a strong drive and the ability to motivate others? Than take on this challenge and launch your career at Mars!

The selection process
Step 1: Cultural fit interview.
Not just right for the role, but right for Mars.
Working at Mars Means More to our associates! Our unique culture, based on our 5 Principles, is the foundation for our success. We are continuously seeking the right talent - talent that will foster our unique culture and drive our growth. The first step in our selection process is focusing on establishing a view on the cultural fit. Instead of focusing on your functional experiences, - skills and resume, the focus will be around you and our DNA, asked in a structured interview. The Mars recruiter will asses several competencies and you will get the opportunity to get a taste of the Mars culture. This interview will take approximately 1,5 hours of your time. If you are successful you will be invited to the functional fit interview.

Step 2: Functional fit interview.
The aim of this interview is to establish whether you have the right functional/technical competence. It consists of a face-to-face interview with a manager or senior leader and possibly a business case or technical exercise.
However, it won’t just be us asking questions. You will have the change to quiz us too: about the company, the job, how we work and whatever else you want to know about working for us. This will take approximately about 2 hours of your time. And if you shine, you will be invited for an assessment center.

Step 3: The assessment center.
The last step in your recruitment process, the Assessment Center. In here the aim is to establish a deeper understanding on the potential you bring in order to build a career in Mars. Next to potential you’ll be assessed on 2-6 out of our Mars Leadership Capabilities. For our assessments we work together with our international partner Cubiks.
Cubiks will share their findings with you, but you will get a definite feedback from your Mars recruiter. The investment in this assessment is one day of your valuable time; you’ll get a SWOT analysis about yourself as an outcome to steer your personal development – hopefully within Mars.

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