Asset | Accounting & Finance provides you with a broad range of events. Our activity portfolio consists of symposia, direct recruitment and orientation activities. During our symposia, students will be informed about the current developments within the acccounting and finance profession. At our direct recruitment events, students are offered the opportunity to come in contact with companies by means of cases, workshop, lunches and dinners. Our orientation activities are meant for students who still don't know which minor or master they want to choose. Our events are divided in accounting, finance and a combination of these two. In this menu, you can find all the formal event Asset | Accounting & Finance organizes during the year. 

When you are interested in our informal events and/or you want to organize one of these events by yourself, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to

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Accounting Insight Investment Night Financial Business Dinner
AccountantsDay FinanceDay StudyTour
Accounting Expedition Finance Expedition Business Cafe
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    Economic Business Week Tilburg