Case description

Case description
Fairness Opinion Freescale Semiconductor   
There are speculations that yet another mega transaction is in the making in an industry in which the credo has become “eat or be eaten”. More in particular, rumor has it that Eindhoven-based NXP Semiconductors 
has made a bid on its Austin-based competitor Freescale Semiconductor. The companies, who were once part of Philips and Motorola, respectively, have highly complementary activities and, combined, they would create a USD 40 billion semiconductor enterprise generating USD 10 billion in annual revenues.
However, Freescale’s management has not yet made up its mind and seeks assistance to evaluate NXP’s bid… Are you ready to prepare a Fairness Opinion for Freescale’s management together with the independent valuators of Duff & Phelps?

Case description
The company Pens & Pencils B.V. (hereafter P&P B.V.) with an annual revenue of EUR 150 mln., is the largest stock holding buy- and sell organization for the office supply business in the Benelux. The members (over 500) are active in stationary stores (B2C) and in the office supplies (B2B). P&P offers her members a various range of services and has developed 3 own brands. The mission of P&P is to service their members at the highest level. They support their members on different areas like ICT and marketing. P&P has a strong buying power as they are part of the worldwide purchase-organisation “Pens and Pencils Ltd”.

P&P B.V. submitted a request to Rabobank for a finance facility to develop a new warehouse with office and a working capital facility. It is your task to make a proposal for a financing structure that is maximum and exceeds clients request.



Case description
First Dutch Advisory is a corporate finance boutique that advises companies on mergers and acquisitions, financing, strategic decision making, business cases and investment propositions. We are a young team of ambitious corporate finance professionals with different backgrounds, who enjoy working on challenging projects. First Dutch Advisory is part of First Dutch Innovations, the leading investment platform for innovation in The Netherlands. First Dutch Innovations aims to start new ventures and help existing companies grow by bringing together entrepreneurs, knowledge- and educational institutions. First Dutch Advisory is intensively involved with the development of the First Dutch Innovations platform and its participations by providing support on a variety of finance and strategic related matters.

During the FinanceDay case session, First Dutch Advisory will present a fictional investment case in which participants will have to advocate an investment decision and demonstrate that they have considered specific investment characteristics, opportunities and relevant risks. Attendants will have to collaborate in teams to compose the investment thesis, which could include amongst others a general company analysis, motivation of the investment rationale, quantitative support on the intended decision (description of considered valuation method, explanation of key assumptions, interpretation of the resulting valuation, etc.) and a view on transaction- and financing structure implications. Subsequently, each teams will be invited to give a brief presentation of their investment thesis to the First Dutch Advisory employees, who take the role of a fictional investment committee. The presentations will be commented on by the investment committee, based on set-up, content, assumptions, the level of creative thinking and overall presentation.

The case session concludes with a central feedback round, a small awards ceremony for the best investment thesis and there will be time for a general Q&A round. Here you will get the chance to ask questions to the First Dutch employees with regard to the case assignment, but also with regard to general finance- and career-related topics and First Dutch Advisory/Innovations specific matters.
We are looking forward to an educational session in which we will get to know the investment professionals of the future!
Case description
“Are you drawn to the world of mergers and acquisitions?" Then you’re at the right address with Marktlink! We are the one-stop-shop spot for M&A within the SME-field.
Our workshop will let you realise what mergers and acquisitions really mean within this diverse field. Not only will we provide you with more insights, we’ll also share our knowledge and tell you about our vision during this workshop. At the end, you’ll go home knowing more about every step of the process, whether it’s a buy or sell project. You will have gained pragmatic experience in preparing a  non-binding offer and you might even go home with some champagne! Of course, we’ll also tell you more about our company and the possible career path within Marktlink. Interested? Come join us for Finance Day!”

Case description
During our valuation case you will learn in an interactive way what the main activities of Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames are, like valuating a company and negotiating in a M&A transaction. Together with your team, you will act as a corporate finance advisor and will set up a valuation. We're looking forward to meet you during the FinanceDay on March 7!

Finance Ideas: more impact with social capital
That is our goal! We are a young, independent, substantively driven and growing financial consultancy firm. We are active on the cutting edge of real estate and finance and work with leading housing corporations, hospitals, care institutions and institutional investors to realize their objectives and ensure financial continuity in the future. Since 2004 we have been mainly active in three financial fields: housing, care and real estate. In recent years we have been busy with guiding hospital mergers, assessing real estate
portfolios and implementing a new housing law with a large number of housing corporations.
Every day we excel in our discipline. Each of our employees gets a big responsibility, but you certainly do not work alone. Every project is teamed up, wherefore we form a strong team together. Another important aspect within Finance Ideas is knowledge. We work closely with universities, foremost with two of our partners being active as professor. In addition, we established our own Finance Ideas Academy to share our knowledge with our clients. Furthermore, we often organize lunch lectures, breakfast sessions and training days to keep everyone in the team up-to-date with the latest developments in our field. No worries, during lunch we also talk about other topics than finance.
Did we make you curious already? Perfect. On Wednesday 7 March we are present at the FinanceDay with a challenging case. See you there!