Accounting Expedition 2018

Published on 17 Nov 2017
Accounting Expedition 2018

The Accounting Expedition is the perfect opportunity for you to meet your future employer within the field of Accountancy. 24 Participants will visit five different companies in three days (both Big 4 and non-Big 4). The goal of the event is to give the participants a complete overview about where they can work when they've finished their master Accountancy. The participants might even meet their future employer!

The Accountancy firms will introduce themselves during their program, provide an interactive session and provide the participants with a meal, which offers them a chance for an informal talk. This expedition will broaden your view on the Accountancy profession and your own career. The participants will be selected among the applicants based on their CV.

The Accounting Expedition of 2018 will take place from Wednesday February 28 until Friday March 2. The participating companies are: BDO, KPMG, Joanknecht, Baker Tilly Berk and EY.

So, if you want to see every side of the Accounting profession and want to meet different types of potential future employers, this is perfect event for you! During the event, you will stay at a luxurious hotel in Eindhoven with a large group of other enthusiastic students. The participation fee is €1,-.

You can register here.

Accounting Expedition

The Accounting Expedition is a three day event where a group of 24 participants will visit five different Accountancy firms.