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Lustrum Weekend

March 1 - 3

For this unforgettable weekend we will go to Leuven with a group of 70 people. We will leave on Friday morning and we will be back on Sunday afternoon. 

What exactly we will do is something you will hear later, but we can tell you now that fun is guaranteed! As a hint, we can already say that a cantus will certainly not be lacking ;)

Excited already? Round up your friends and register quickly because: first come, first serve!

Note, it is possible to join a bit later with your own transportation, but please let us know.


Lustrum Gala

 April 6 - 7

The Lustrum gala will take place at Kasteel De Berckt. We will start the evening with drinks followed by a three course dinner. We also have some entertainment in store for you to make the evening even more spectacular. Afterwards the party will begin! 

Spending the night at the location is included so you can make the night as long as you would like. In the morning we will have breakfast together and all head home. 

We have arranged bus transportation from Tilburg to the gala location and back. You can also come by yourself, but be aware that there are no charging stations for electric cars.

Dress in your nicest costume or gala dress and enjoy this evening full of music and unlimited drinks with your A&F buddies and a plus one.

Note, your plus one has to buy their own ticket for €159,50



April 8

Join us on the kick-start of the fifth lustrum! At the Koning Willem II stadion, we will listen to special speakers and toast to our Lustrum!

Don’t miss out on this special opening and join for free!


Informal day 1

April 9

On the first informal day there will be a very special and unique activity. The activity will not include alcohol. We will go on an Old-Timer Tour! In teams of four, you will get a car, a Citroen CV 2, assigned. With your car and team, you will do two different scavenger hunts in the surrounding villages. 

So, are you excited to drive a special classic car and compete at the same time with the other groups? Sign up now!

Note: a bus will take everyone to the place of the activity. 


Informal day 2

April 11

The second informal day will include an activity where alcohol will be consumed. We will first have a nice tour at a special distillery. However, it does not stop there. Afterwards, we will have a party on wheels and of course, we will end the day with a special party!

 We will make sure that no one gets left thirsty! So, don’t hesitate and join us on a day full of festivities!

The whole of the activity will be in Tilburg.